Yoyoboko Reward Chart for Students


Yoyoboko Reward Chart for Students is catered for teachers for charting children’s behaviour. This helps the teacher get an insight on the reason and function of a child’s behaviour.

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The school reward chart meets the needs of not only students but also teachers who need an easy to implement behavior intervention that produced data for school teams to review.  This is ideal for student’s who are exhibiting behavioral difficulties in either the regular education setting or special education setting.

Yoyoboko Reward Chart has three central components that make it a comprehensive tool for schools and teachers.  It also provides data for school teams and at the same time weekly feedback to parents of their students.


The chart has three central components that make it a comprehensive tool for schools and teachers.

1.The behavior chart where you can divide the day into different segments and add up to four target behaviors. Sixteen premade magnetic tiles with behaviors and pictures are also included, but you can also customize your own. Magnetic stars are added when the child meets the target behavior.











2. A reward menu where the child can choose from one of four potential incentives if they have met their target goal. Eleven premade magnetic tiles with different rewards and pictures are also included.










3. And finally, weekly tracking sheets where the actual data can be quickly and easily stored by the teacher, shared with parents, and then reviewed by the team to determine if the intervention is successful or needs to be adjusted.











This chart can be set up and implemented immediately and is completely customizable to each child’s individual need.


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